Upper Gardens

T  he Original Blue Gardens venue captures the Old World charm and natural beauty of a French garden. The stone wall entrance gate has magnificent ornate carvings, a fish fountain, and pillars reminiscent of 17th Century Chateau de Brecy’s monumental gate in Normandy—a fitting dramatic first impression of the garden.

U  pon entering the garden’s grounds, one is transported to another world. The landscape is filled with blooming flowers of every color and shape. A cobblestone path, which is framed by a lush arbor that leads to a majestic white gazebo inspired by Castle Versailles of France.

A  bubbling fountain soothes the soul while the formal garden is softened by elements like ornamental bicycles, bird cage chairs and white lattices covered with vines.

T  he garden is also a sanctuary to many wild migratory birds and butterflies. The butterflies and birds constantly feed on the nectar and seeds of the flowers. Blue Gardens has a shabby chic inspired Bridal Room, Entourage Room and a Zen inspired Groom’s Room.