Jardin Del Amour

T  he Jardin Del Amour is the newest addition to the venues of Blue Gardens. Aptly named Jardin Del Amour which means Garden of Love in Italian, the garden is incredibly romantic in every way.

T  he venue is inspired by Verona, a medieval old romantic town in Italy which is the setting of the famous play of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. As you enter its white floral wrought iron gates, pass under a beautifully framed canopy of thick topiary shrubs. Then be enthralled by its centerpiece, a huge carved fountain surrounded by flowers and trees.

T  ake a stroll around the beautiful natural stone path. Rest under the trees on one of the stone benches or the wrought iron birdcage chair. Climb up the Verona balcony to get a bird’s eye view of the entire garden and simply rest and hang out there. The main venue has a transparent cover to protect it from rains so your event goes on smoothly rain or shine.

T  he backdrop of the venue is a beautiful wall façade looking very much like the quaint village in Verona. You can climb up to the Romeo & Juliet balcony and re-enact Shakespeare’s famous scenes. The Verona village façade has a secret entrance from the back where the bride and groom can make a surprise entrance and go down dramatically from the stairs.

N  o wonder guests get so excited and spellbound by the scenery. It really looks like something out of an old Shakespeare movie. The venue also has an airconditioned bridal suite inside and nearby parking space for the guests’ convenience.