Upper Gardens

The original Blue Gardens venue is a telltale of everything about the Old European countryside-charming, elegant, and sophisticated. The Upper Gardens will take you back to the 17th Century with its stonewall entrance gate with magnificent ornate carvings, a cobblestone path which is framed by a lush arbor, leading to a majestic white gazebo inspired by Castle Versailles of France. A refreshing interlude from our country’s tropical atmosphere that will definitely delight your guests as you celebrate your most important milestones.

Upon entering the garden’s grounds, one is transported to another world. The landscape is filled with blooming flowers of every color and shape. A cobblestone path, which is framed by a lush arbor that leads to a majestic white gazebo inspired by Castle Versailles of France.

A bubbling fountain soothes the soul while the formal garden is softened by elements like ornamental bicycles, bird cage chairs and white lattices covered with vines.

Chateau Hall

Our newly renovated indoor venue, adjacent to the Upper Gardens. A regal and majestic interior awaits your guests with a towering ceiling, beautifully customized iron wrought floral chandeliers, a grand staircase for your entrance, a romantic balcony, and imported hand-painted shabby chic garden themed floor that amplifies the European Old World charm.

The Chateau Hall has a powder room at its loft with a view of the entire hall. Make your grand entrance from the your room walking gracefully down the long grand staircase to your waiting guests, then walk down the aisle and finally towards the stage. The restrooms are spacious and also carry the European charm.

Jardin De L'amour

Verona, a medieval old romantic town in Italy, which is the setting of the famous play of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, inspired our second garden venue called Jardin Del’Amour, which means Garden of Love in French. Wildly romantic yet resplendent aura from the stone path floor, to the façade, up to the enthralling carved fountain of this lovely garden will make our guest feel the romance in every way.

Take a stroll around the beautiful natural stone path. Rest under the trees on one of the stone benches or the wrought iron birdcage chair. Climb up the Verona balcony to get a view of the entire garden and simply rest and hang out there. The main venue has a transparent cover to protect it from rains so your event goes on smoothly rain or shine.

The backdrop of the venue is a beautiful wall façade looking very much like the quaint village in Verona. You can climb up to the Romeo & Juliet balcony and re-enact Shakespeare’s famous scenes. The Verona village façade has a secret entrance from the back where the bride and groom can make a surprise entrance and go down dramatically from the stairs.

No wonder guests get so excited and spellbound by the scenery. It really looks like something out of an old Shakespeare movie. The venue also has an airconditioned bridal suite inside and nearby parking building for the guests’ convenience.